Jotunheimen’s peaks & lakes (classic version)

€1790 per person

Once upon a time – every enthralling story starts with this phrase just to involve us in a great adventure. But now is the time to take your own and write an unbelievable story! A curious place to go could be the Jotunheimen National Park – the homeland of the jotner, the trolls, according to the Norse mythology. Jotunheimen (within easy reach of Oslo) is recognized as one of the country’s premier hiking regions. Glaciers have carved the hard rock massifs of the Jotunheimen, leaving numerous valleys, lakes and many peaks. Enjoy one week of self-guided hiking among stunning natural features. Dotting the severe landscape, the fjords attract everyone to discover the unique charm of this remote part of Europe! One week full of scenes to immortalize in your mind and photo camerа – the emerald waters of Gjende Lake and the snow-white gigantic figure of Uranostind peak (where you will be accompanied by a professional mountain guide) will be the highlight of this self-guided walking trek. Jotunheimen has a long culinary history and here you can satisfy your taste buds with local delicacies such as cheese, forest berries, cured meat or for experimenters – reindeer meat.
Leave your worries behind and experiment with independent trekking across the raw beauty of Norway!

  • Destination
  • Duration
    8 Days I Level: 3/4 (of 5)
  • What is included
    Hiking-board (breakfast & dinner + lunch pack (preparing your own from the buffet breakfast or accommodation providing lunch packs); accommodation in cabins (private 2- or 4-bed rooms, shared facilities) and hotels (the first 2 nights; private and en-suite room (in most cases; subject to availability WC/shower may be shared); bed linen and towels; luggage transportation and all ground transfers (public bus tickets from/to Oslo; boat tickets); route notes and maps (+ GPS tracks); helmets/harness/crampons/ice axe during the guided trek; emergency support phone line
  • What is not included
    Drinks and other meals, boat tickets for one of the optional hikes on Day 4, printed materials/maps (all documents will be sent by email and you need to print them at home before you go)
  • Best period
    July, August, beginning of September
Day 1. Arrival in Oslo and departure for Jotunheimen
Plan your arrival in Oslo where you will proceed further to the shores of Lake Bygdin (bus ride). Enjoy your first overnight in a nice and cozy hotel, surrounded by snowy peaks and the blue waters of the Lake. The bus leaves Oslo around noon and the ride takes some 4hrs (most people prefer to book a pre-tour night in Oslo in order to be on time for the bus journey).  It is also possible to start earlier from Oslo and get a short walk above Lake Bygdin later in the day (1,30-2hrs, 5km, +450m/-450m).
Day 2. Hike to Bitihorn (10 km; 5-8hrs; +/-600m)
A warm up hike will mark the beginning of your independent walking trek across Central Norway - a trek to Bitihorn peak 1,607 m.a.s.l.  The trail is pleasant and as you gain elevation, you will be able to see more and more from the sea of jagged peaks and numerous glacier lakes. The last stage before the peak is a bit steep but your efforts will be rewarded with great panorama towards the whole Jotunheimen Park and the calm waters of Lake Bygdin.
Day 3. Bygdin to Gjendebu (Svartdalen hike) (14 km; 5-8hrs; +/-610m)
Today’s trek will take you on a walking journey to the most beautiful part of Jotunheimen National park - the Black Valley or also known among Norse people as Svartdalen. The first part of your adventure will start with a trip on the historic Bitihorn boat that crosses the Lake and drops you off at Torfinnsbu (appr. 45min boat ride). You will ascend steeply on the first stage of the trail until you reach a stunning waterfall, followed by a rocky path which takes you through a small peak to totally 3 lakes in the Valley Svartdalen. From here the terrain gets more flat and easy and the rest of the hike will be a pleasant stroll between the hilly landscape until you reach your final destination - Gjendebu. You will have many excuses to stop for short picnics and in clear weather the panorama is spectacular! The highlight of today’s trek will be the majestic pyramid of Knutsholstind known as the King of the Gjende Alps.
Day 4. Free day at Gjendebu (optional hike)
During the free day you can relax at your accommodation, take some short strolls around or simply skip the lazy part and do one of the below options: 1) a circular trek to Gjendetunga (10km; 3,30-4,30hrs; +/-550m). Easier than option 2 (though not an easy one!), this trek is meant for people who like enjoy another bunch of splendid panoramic views! Considered as a “must do hike” in the area, this independent walk will take you to a heights where you can have lunch, overlooking the calm waters of Lake Gjende; 2) a more challenging roundtrip trek to lake Bukkelægret (involving steeper stages as compared to the first option (14km; 3-6hrs; +/-550m).
Day 5. Memurubu - Besseggen - Gjendesheim (14 km; 6-9hrs; +/-1300m)
Early in the morning take the boat to Memurubu, where your trail will start rising steeply until you reach a nice plateau. Later on, there will be more flat areas and several options to fill your bottles with fresh water. The route will pass through a ridge that separates Lake Bessvatnet with Lake Gjende. The higher altitude makes this stage of today’s trek one of the most spectacular ones - having both majestic lakes from left and right! Mind that the last meters of the ridge, as you are getting closer to the peak Besseggen, is very steep and narrow, so you have to be kind and respectful to all of the hikers coming from the opposite direction or walking in yours. Although, no special equipment or previous experience is needed. From Besseggen you will be able to take the same famous postcard pictures that every tourist is taking here! The final part of the trekking is pleasant, almost on a flat area.
Day 6. Gjendebu - Eidsbugarden (Veslåedalen hike) (16 km; 5-7hrs; +/-520 m)
Enjoy your strong breakfast before setting off for the next self-guided walk. Boat cruise from Gjendesheim to Gjendebu. The path starts crossing the river Veslåe over two bridges, revealing nice views of the area. A nice birch forest will add some fairy-tale feeling that you are passing through the kingdom of mythology creatures. Leaving the forest behind, you will start hiking through a vast rocky valley, passing through some small peaks with wonderful views. Soon the Bygdin Lake will appear at sight and you will end by its shores, this time at the opposite side of where you great independent trekking has started.
Day 7. Guided glacier trek to Uranostind (17km; 8-10 hrs; +/- 1050m) or shorter guided glacier hike to Falkebreen (7km; 6hrs, +300m/-300m)
STANDARD OPTION: Every big adventure deserves a remarkable end. So it would be the trek to the majestic Uranostind (2,157 m). In the morning you will meet your guide before taking the transfer to the trail head at Koldedalen (pick up from your property will be around 9:00am but exact details will be mentioned in your tour documents; appr. 1hr drive to the trailhead). Since the trek is considered as demanding, you will be accompanied by a qualified mountain guide. Sharply rising peaks will caress the sky and accompany you throughout the whole trek. With varied and exciting climbs, including some glacier crossing, this final route will leave you breathless, especially when you reach your target - the iconic Uranostind. At the end of the long and tiring hiking day, pamper yourself with some of the local specialities and be proud that you successfully finished your self-guided walking tour in Norway! For the guided trek on the last day of hiking you will be provided with all of the necessary alpine equipment such as helmet, harness, crampons and ice axe (you must have space for all these in your backpack!; the ice axe is carried on the backpack). From your side, we will expect you to bring comfortable hiking boots, an insulation jacket – down or fleece, long underwear – preferably wool; hat and gloves. Gaiters are recommended but not obligatory. Previous hiking experience is a must, especially needed is experience in mountain hiking and adverse weather conditions, where some snow storms may occur even during summer. On the previous evening you will receive a call from the guide. He/she will inform you about the next day and will make sure you are up to the challenge (the groups normally comprise appr. 8 participants per guide). Be aware that based on how challenging you found the hikes on the previous days, or if the weather conditions are too challenging, you will may given an alternative hiking option (no refund in this case!).
EASIER OPTION: If the standard option above looks too demanding for you, already at the time of booking (not possible on spot!) you can opt for the shorter and easier glacier hike to Falkebreen (7km, 6hrs, +300m/-300m). The latter is not available for solo hikers! This experience will show you the great power of nature. You will hike on ice in different shapes of blue that is thousands of years old and is at all times moving and making beautiful shapes and crevasses, but it is happening so slowly that you can not notice. Surrounded by the impressive summit of Falketinden, you will explore the glacier together with an experienced guide, who will teach you how to use the special equipment you will need. A glacier hike that fits average hikers and even families. As per above crampons and ice axe will be provided by the guide, so please sure you have enough room in your backpack for the additional equipment.
Day 8. Departure to Oslo by bus (or Bergen by bus and/or speed boat)
Take a boat from Eidsbugarden to Bygdin (boat ride appr. 1,45hrs; around noon) and then change for the bus to Oslo (where you should arrive late in the evening (appr. 20:30; subject to timetable).
It is also possible to proceed for Bergen instead of Oslo: By bus: 1) extra fee of 30 Euros/person applies; please advise at the time of booking!; 2) you will need to take a taxi from Eidsbugarden to Tyinkrysset and from there take a bus to Bergen (arriving in Bergen around 18:00). By speedboat from Flåm along scenic fjords (take the bus for Bergen as per above and get off in Flåm; Once in Flåm you will have appr. 25min to get to the pier and catch the speedboat, which travels appr. 5,30hrs and reaches Bergen around 21:00 (several stops on the way). If you wish to book this ride, this should be advised at the time of booking and will cost 195 Euros per person (snacks and drinks can be purchased on board, but not real dinner).


1790 Euro per person in twin/dbl room (first/last arrival dates: 26.06.2024 / 28.08.2024)
Single room & Solo Traveler supplement
Single room supplement*: 380 Euro
Solo traveler supplement*: 480 Euro
* Single room cannot be guaranteed for the nights when you stay in cabins! Travelers, who paid single or solo traveler supplement, get their own roоm as far that is possible. In the mountain cabin, operated by the Norwegian mountain association, as a rule everybody who arrives will get a bed. If it is very busy, single room bookings will be moved into other rooms together with people same gender. No refund is possible if for any of the nights single room is not provided. Triple rooms for odd number of travelers available upon request.
Daily arrivals between the end of June and the end of August. The trails in Jotunheimen are well marked, but they are not groomed. Sometimes you need to cross streams and small rivers. The trails become trails out of wear and tear, thus the surface is demanding. The trails may be rockier than you may be used to. In a short stretch it varies from boggy marshland to stepping from one stone to the other or even from boulder to boulder, and then to comfortable grass-covered paths. Good mountain boots are a must and we advice bringing walking poles for extra support as well. The weather in Jotunheimen is unpredictable. It can be warm and pleasant, with sunshine from a cloudless sky. Moments later, it can be grey and gloomy, with pouring rain and cold mist. In fact, it can snow in every summer month in Jotunheimen. Hat and gloves are essential as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. The cabins of the Norwegian trekking association (DNT) and the other accommodations in Jotunheimen is a meeting place for hikers and nature lovers. Compared to other hotels they are spartan but cozy. Here are some tips of what to bring for a pleasant stay: We are not allowed to use mountain boots inside buildings. Some extra softer footwear is also a welcome change from the boots. Indoor trousers and clean shirt/t-shirt for the evenings. There is no tradition of dressing up for the evening, but dry and clean garments is essential. Headlamp/flashlight is always good to bring along. Some rooms are often in a different building than the main building. Please note mobile/phone coverage is limited in Jotunheimen! Plan your phone use accordingly. The huts close to the roads are usually always covered. But smaller cabins in the mountains can have limited to no coverage. Gjendebu DNT, Torfinnsbu and Svartdalen for example have no phone coverage.
A combination in private and en-suite rooms in hotel (Day 1 and Day 2; subject to availability WC/shower may be shared) and traditional cabins (shared facilities) of the Norwegian trekking association (DNT). Triple rooms may also be used in the hotel in case this is the group size. 2- and 4-bed rooms will be used in the DNTs. 2 pax will be normally accommodated in a twin room there, but if the group comprises 3 pax they will be put in a 4-bed room. Although these are rare cases, the DNT's have policy to not leave a hiker without a bed (as long as such are present at all inside the property) and unknown person in this case may be put inside the 4-bed room too. In very rare cases, and if there are no 2- or 4-bed rooms, beds in dorms will be booked instead (we do our best to avoid this option whenever possible). Breakfast is included everywhere with 2/3-course dinner, or full buffet with a 3 course option. Lunchpacks are prepared by yourself during breakfast buffet to bring with you on your hikes. Sometimes this may be prepared by the accommodation itself. Coffee, tea, warm water or other hot beverage is usually available to fill your thermos bottle as well. Drinks during dinner are normally not included in the price. On Day 1 only dinner is included, while on Day 8 - only breakfast.

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