Sardinia: The Costa Verde (Green Coast)

€860 per person

When embarking on your self-guided hiking adventure in Sardinia, Italy, specifically in the region of Sulcis-Iglesiente, you will immediately sense why it is called Costa Verde – The Green Coast. This remote and wild region has a rich industrial-mining past that has shaped both the landscape and its people. The remnants of abandoned mine sites coexist harmoniously with the natural beauty, creating a unique blend that evokes a sense of curiosity and a story waiting to be told. In 2007, this mining area was recognized by UNESCO and added to the Geoparks list. As you journey south, you will encounter the warm and hospitable Sardinian people, known for their helpfulness, welcoming nature, and sense of humor tinged with sardonic laughter. Centuries of invasions have shaped their resilience and character. The Sulcis region is renowned in the world of wines, particularly for the Carignano grape, which thrives in arid conditions and grows close to the ground due to the strong winds. Many families maintain small vineyards to produce the exquisite Carignano del Sulcis, a wine worth savoring. Concluding your trip to the island of Sant’Antioco is a perfect choice. Here, you can explore stunning views, and ancient watchtowers, and immerse yourself in the multifaceted charm of the island. Optional activities such as fishing boat trips and horse riding allow you to delve deeper into the various facets of this captivating destination.

  • Destination
  • Duration
    8 Days I Level: 2/3 (of 5)
  • What is included
    7 night accommodation in 3* hotels, agriturismo and country inns (en-suite rooms incl. breakfast); Day 3: People transfer Buggerru-Ingurtosu and luggage to Majori; People transfer Scivu-Fluminimaggiore; Day 4: People transfer Portixeddu-Agriturismo Majori; Day 5: People transfer Fluminimaggiore/Portixeddu-Tonnara di Porto Paglia+luggage to Portoscuso; Day 6: Luggage transfer Portoscuso-Sant'Antioco; Pick up people from Calasetta harbour and transfer to Sant'Antioco; Day 7: People transfer Sant'Antioco-Capo Sperone; Detailed maps and road book in English (incl. access to GPS tracks); Emergency hotline;
  • What is not included
    Travel insurance; Admissions and entrance fees of any kind; Tips and gratuities; Possible CITY TAX to be paid in cash on the spot (it varies depending on the city and on the hotel’s category)
  • Best period
    April, May, June, July, September, October
Day 1. Arrival in Buggerru
Your independent walking tour begins in the charming village of Buggerru, which was established in 1864 as a mining settlement. After checking into your hotel, take some time to explore the village. You can relax on the beach and soak in the coastal atmosphere, or visit the intriguing "Henry Tunnel," an ancient mining site. This labyrinthine tunnel, carved into the rock, offers breathtaking views of the sea and rugged coastline. For information on rates and transportation options from Cagliari Airport to Buggerru, please refer to the "Rates & Remarks" section, where you will find details on private transfer arrangements.
Day 2. Buggerru to Portixeddu (13km, 4hrs, +620m/-610m)
Today you will enjoy a coastal walk starting from Buggerru. The journey begins with a climb along a secondary road, offering breathtaking views of the coast and Portixeddu Beach. For those seeking an easier option, a private transfer can be arranged to bypass the uphill section. After a 5km gradual ascent, the trail descends into a picturesque gorge, leading to dunes and a pine forest planted to protect the town's main street from sand. As you near the end, explore the remnants of World War II military fortresses. Conclude the day with a satisfying lunch in Portixeddu, followed by a convenient bus ride back to Buggerru.
Day 3. Ingurtosu to Scivu (15km, 5hrs, +50m/-290m)
After a refreshing breakfast, you will be transferred to the quaint village of Ingurtosu, a journey of approximately 30 minutes. From there, today’s invigorating stage of the self-guided walking tour begins, leading you toward the ruins of the ancient "Laveria Brassey" mine site. As you traverse the landscape, you may experience a sense of connection to Charles Darwin during his exploration of the Galapagos in the 1830s. The vast dunes of Piscinas, stretching over 6km, create a remarkable desert-like environment in Europe, where you'll find yourself immersed in solitude with the sea, sand, and wind. At day's end, a short transfer will transport you to the agriturismo, where you will enjoy a comfortable two-night stay.
Day 4. Capo Pecora loop walk (15km, 5hrs, +430m/-560m)
Today, your independent hiking adventure takes you back to the sea, starting with a visit to Scivu Beach. From there, a scenic footpath meanders through the enchanting Mediterranean macchia, leading you to a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint on the granite promontory of Capo Pecora. Make sure you take the time to make some beautiful shots of this unmissable highlight! Continuing your journey, you will walk onward to the charming village of Portixeddu, renowned among surfers for its famous Portixeddu beach. To conclude the day's adventures, a convenient short transfer will whisk you back to the comfort of the agriturismo.
Day 5. Portopaglia to Portoscuso (14km, 4,30-5hrs, +380m/-390m)
In the morning, a transfer (approx. 1 hour) will take you to the tonnara of Porto Paglia, where your walk for the day begins. As you venture along the marked footpath (identified by red and white signs), you will be immersed in the wild and remote beauty of the coastline. The sandy footpath offers breathtaking vistas of the cliffs, but please note that today's walk may not be suitable for those who experience vertigo, as there are a few sections without railings near the cliff's edge.
Day 6. Carloforte loop walk (12km, 4hrs, +380m/-380m)
Today you reach Carloforte where your round walk begins, by ferry. As you ascend along a secondary asphalt road towards the north side of the island, you will witness the commencement of the Mattanza, a traditional tuna fishing method using nets that takes place for approximately 45 days starting at the end of May. After exploring Carloforte, you will take a ferry to Calasetta and then proceed with a private transfer to Sant'Antioco.
Day 7. Capo Sperone - Sant’Antioco (via Torre Cannai) (17km, 5,30hrs, +440m/-390m)
Today, you will begin with a private transfer to Capo Sperone. From there, a scenic walk back to Sant'Antioco awaits, passing by notable landmarks such as the watchtower Torre Cannai and the beautiful beach of Maladroxia, which is particularly popular when the maestrale wind blows. Enjoy the stunning views and the coastal beauty as you make your way back to Sant'Antioco.
Day 8. Departure day
The trip and our services conclude after breakfast. You can choose to depart for the airport using public transportation or refer to the "Rates & Remarks" tab for details on arranging a private transfer. We hope you have enjoyed your time in Italy and had a memorable journey. Safe travels!


860 Euro per person in twin/dbl room (01/04-24/06; 01-31/10)
895 Euro per person in twin/dbl room (25/06-25/07; 01-30/09)
* Note that the tour is not offered in August due to high temperatures, which combined with the air humidity makes hiking too difficult and even dangerous
** Triple rooms for odd number of travelers available upon request (contacts us for details)
Single room & Solo Traveler supplement
Single room supplement: 420 Euro
Solo traveler supplement: 715 Euro (incl. sgl. room supplement)
Daily departures between the beginning of April and the end of October (excl. August, when it is too hot). The walks are on various areas and terrain: gravel road and paths, in the forest, along a beautiful rocky and sandy beach, follow rocky coastal footpaths in the Mediterranean macchia, sometimes through low vegetation/bushes and mule tracks, along remote sandy footpaths by high cliffs, with a few sections of secondary surfaced roads as you enter the villages/towns. Private transfers (price for a group of up to 3 pax; groups of 4 or more - contact us for details): Cagliari Airport - Buggerru - 160 Euro; Sant'Antioco - Cagliari Airport - 140 Euro; Getting there and away by public transportation: From Cagliari take the train to Iglesias (see, about 50-60 minutes ride (direct trains or with 1 change); from there you can take daily public busses to Buggerru via Fluminimaggiore (see From Sant’Antioco, where the trip ends, you can take a bus to the city of Carbonia (see and then a train from Carbonia to Cagliari Airport (see, about 1 hour ride (there are direct trains but 1 or 2 changes are possible, depending on trains).
3* hotel (Buggeru & Portoscuso), agriturismo (Majori), charming country inns (Buggerru & Sant’Antioco); En-suite rooms throughout the tour; Breakfast is included everywhere.

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