Bohemian Paradise nature reserve trails

€730 per person

Let us invite you to the Bohemian Paradise – a picturesque region situated 90 km north of Prague. The name expresses the unique harmony of the natural beauty of sandstone rock cities and varied landscape with valuable historical sights and folk architecture. The Bohemian Paradise is included in the UNESCO list in the category of geopark. It is an excellent example on how to spend your hiking holiday discovering beautiful nature and history passing through narrow corridors of rock cities, interesting rock labyrinths with splendid viewpoints and hidden rock castles ruins. You will be walking along well-marked tourist paths. The length of the daily hikes is between 10 and 26 km, some of them offering further extensions or reductions.

  • Destination
  • Duration
    7 Days I Level: 2/3 (of 5)
  • What is included
    Accommodation in 3* hotels (en-suite rooms) incl. breakfast; Roadbook (1 set per booking (itinerary description in English and detailed walking maps); Luggage transfers between the hotels; GPS tracks available on request; Emergency hotline;
  • What is not included
    Drinks and other meals, entry fees, transfers from/to Prague (payable extra if required)
  • Best period
    April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Day 1. Arrival in Jičín
There are several options to arrive at the first tour accommodation: using public means of transportation from Prague, or private transfer (check the Rates & Remarks for rates of private transportation).
Day 2. Jičín - Prachovské Skály Rocks (11km, 3,30hrs,+640m/-515m)
The route leads through undulating landscape and ends in a rugged rock city. On the way you will pass by the Zebín hill (a natural monument and at the same time a distinct conical neo-volcanic hill (399 m asl), housing the baroque building of the now ecumenical chapel of St. Mary Magdalene from 1700), followed by a countryside hike towards the Prachovské skály sandstone rocks (well-known from the Hollywood films), which are probably the most famous ones out of the other 11 in the region.
Day 3. Prachovské Skály Rocks - Sobotka (15km, 4-5hrs, +290m/-390m)
Today's hiking trail follows again a gentle and diverse terrain, offering beautiful views. The first exploration of the day will be the ruins of Pařez castle (built around 1400). Later you will enjoy the great views from towards Trosky castle, and eventually walk into the village of Mladějov (set in a very charming surrounding) and on to Sobotka, where you can visit the round hunters castle Humprecht (used in the past as a summer residence of the imperial ambassador of Venice).
Day 4. Sobotka - Hrubá Skála (18-26km, 5-7hrs, +660m/-600m)
The route today leads through the undulating grounds of enchanting valleys with traditional Czech villages, nice views and romantic medieval castles.  The walk starts with a visit to Vesec village, which in 1995 was declared a protected area because of its traditional timber cottages. Next on the list is the Plakánek valley, named after the Plakánek family who - under the rule of Heřman Černín in the 17th century, manufactured wood coal at this place. The next stop will be at Kost Castle (which unlike most other castles in Bohemia does not lie on a hill, but on a spit between two brooks), followed by one of the most famous Czech castles - Trosky. The latter is located on the summits of two basalt volcanic plugs. On the lower peak (47m high) is the two-storey structure called Baba (Old Woman), and on the higher (57m) outcrop is the four-sided structure known as Panna (Virgin). The trail continues along Podtrosecká valleys (where in the 16th century the locals built a system of ponds from the valley floodplain and the marshes in order to utilize the territory economically and today it forms a space of extraordinary scenic and natural value). Eventually you will pay a visit to the Hrubá Skála castle, famous for its turbulent history throughout the past centuries.
*If you manage to book this tour well in advance, chances are big to get accommodated in the former chateau standing on the rock blocks with an unique view!
Day 5. Hrubá Skála - Turnov (10-13km, 3-4hrs, +550m/-60m)
The hiking leads to a rock city in a hilly terrain with nice views, and little rock castles, called Hrubá Skála rocks. Firstly you will be walking through 97 million years old rock formation (in fact more than 400 sandstone towers) and standing on first out-standing viewpoints. Then you will enjoy views towards the town of Turnov (a traditional center for gemstone polishing, glass craftsmanship and arts) and Jizera river valley, which for the first 15 kilometers of its stream constitutes the border between Poland and Czech Republic. A visit to the enchanting Valdštejn castle, an early Gothic fortress near Turnov, is a part of the tour today too.  Do not miss the Hlavatice lookout, set on a sandstone rock block, on which leads a spiral iron staircase with 36 steps. Eventually you will descent into Turnov, where you will stay overnight. Worth visiting is the local museum presenting a collection of farming and artisan tools and equipment.
Day 6. Turnov - Malá Skála - Turnov (14-18-23km)
Another diverse trek expects you on this last walking day of the itinerary. Proceed into the direction of Drábovna, a sandstone plateau with a rock town (dating back to the Late Stone age) and remains of a former castle found by the archaeological site. Frýdštejn castle (a typical rock castle, which lies on the upper end of a long sandstone rock ridge) and the ruins of the Vranov castle, built in the 15 century, add great value to the list of sites of interest for the day. From here you have 3 options to proceed: 1) Return to Turnov and relax (14km total). 2) Take a circular trail extension among the labyrinth of Besedické Skály. The walls of the rock maze hide the Kalich praying room, among other things. A ladder is cut into the sandstone with an inscription bearing the year 1634. At that time secret services of the Czech Brethren were held during the anti-reformation period. Return back to Malá Skála. Here you can visit the Bouček’s farm. This is a two-storey wooden building with a gallery – a wonderful example of the local rural architecture. The gallery, named after Josef Jíra (a famous local artist), exhibits a collection of paintings and sculptures made by more than 120 Czech artists of the 20th century. A separate part contains a permanent showcase of the painter Josef Jíra’s artworks. In the afternoon take the train back for Turnov (18km). 3) After finishing the exploration of Besedické Skály (see Option 2), you continue on to the ruins of Zbirohy (abandoned since 15C). From there descend into the valley Jizera River and return to your hotel in Turnov (23km).
Day 7. Departure day


730 Euro per person in twin/dbl room (triple rooms also available on request)
Single room & Solo Traveler supplement
Single room supplement: 260 Euro
Solo traveler supplement: 450 Euro (incl. sgl. room supplement)
Daily departures between April and the end of October. Nearest аirport: Prague.
Transfer (1-8 pax): Prague/airport - Bohemian Paradise /hotel in Jičín - 170 Euro; Bohemian Paradise/last hotel in Malá Skála- hotel in Prague - 170 Euro; Bohemian Paradise/ last hotel in Malá Skála - Prague Airport - 170 Euro.
3* hotels (en-suite rooms throughout); breakfast is included everywhere; Packed lunches you may order in most of the accommodations (appr. 13 Euros) or you can have lunch at the tourist sites you will be passing during the day hikes. Restaurants where you can dine are available inside the accommodations, where you will be staying, and in some locations you will have wider choice of restaurants nearby your accommodation.

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