King’s Road (Kongevegen)

€1225 per person

Kongevegen over Filefjell (the King’s Road across Filefjell) was completed in 1793 as the first road where people could drive with horse and cart between east and west in Norway, and between the country’s two largest cities, Christiania (Oslo) and Bergen. It is named after King Sverre (1184–1202 AD) who traveled this route with his army. The King’s Road replaced the old bridle and packhorse track from the middle ages and the post road from the 17th century. Today the road is among the finest road-historical cultural heritage in Europe. Sections like Vindhellavegen reveal the remarkable engineering skills of the past. As a self-guided walking holiday, you will experience the magnificent scenery along the historic King’s Road at your own leisurely pace. Traverse picturesque landscapes, from serene mountains, forests and open plateaus to well-preserved stave churches, thunderous waterfalls, and charming villages. This independent hiking holiday offers the perfect blend of nature, history, and adventure. With comfortable accommodations, luggage transfer and local people’s transfers, it’s an unforgettable exploration of Norway’s past and present.

The walking paths are easy to moderate, suited for people without previous hiking experience, and even kids. Dress properly and stay covered for the changeable weather conditions.

  • Destination
  • Duration
    6 Days I Level: 1/2 (of 5)
  • What is included
    Hiking-board (breakfast & dinner + lunch pack (preparing your own from the buffet breakfast or accommodation providing lunch packs); accommodation in en-suite hotel rooms; bed linen and towels; luggage transportation (1 piece per person) and all ground transfers (public bus tickets from/to Oslo or to Bergen;); route notes and maps (incl. GPS tracks); emergency support phone line
  • What is not included
    Drinks and other meals
  • Best period
    end of June, July, August
Day 1. Arrival in Oslo/Bergen and departure for Tyinkrysset
Start your self-guided walking tour with a bus journey from Oslo (or Bergen). The bus will take you directly to the heart of Norway, passing through mountains, valleys, rivers, and charming farms along the way. You will base in Tyinkrysset, situated between the Jotunheimen National Park and the world-famous Sognejord area.
Those who arrive early enough can opt for an introductory walk to Mt. Skørsnøse (1453m a.s.l.). The latter can be done within 2-3hrs (7km, +/-560m). The view from the top towards the Jotunheimen National Park is breath-taking.
Day 2. Tyinkrysset - Vangsmjøsa Lake - Filefjell - Tyinkrysset (13km; 4,30-5hrs; +/-600m)
An organized morning transfer will take you to the trailhead. The King’s Road between Øye and Tyinkrysset starts at the end of the Vangsmjøsa Lake, by the Øye Stave Church. A local myth says that if a raw ham is lowered into the deepest part of Vangsmjøsa, it will be boiled when it is pulled back up. The hiking trail is mainly grass and gravel and takes you from wooded inland countryside to the open mountain scenery on the Filefjell plateau, leading back to your accommodation. Filefjell is the historical, as well as modern, main route, linking Western Norway and Eastern Norway.
Day 3. Tyinkrysset - Kyrkjestølen - Maristova - Tyinkrysset (11 km; 3,30-4hrs; +/-350m)
Today's walking starts with 15min transfer to Kyrkjestølen, where the hiking trail unfolds. It offers spectacular views of the Hurrungane peaks in the distance (being a part of the Jotunheimen National Park, this mountain range has some of the most alpine peaks in Norway with 23 summits over 2,000m). From Kyrkjestølen you will climb appr. 300 vertical meters before you reach the highest point of the King's Road at appr. 1250 m a.s.l. The trail afterwards to Maristova is characterized by the long straight line of the path that originates back to when the Kongevegen was originally developed. Here, you’ll witness what it meant to construct a road following the French principle. It aimed for the straightest line possible, prioritizing drainage and foundational work, with less concern for the terrain’s natural features. An organized transfer will pick you up from Maristova and drive you back to your accommodation (45min drive).
Day 4. Tyinkrysset - Rimskjold - Sverrestigen - Vindhellavegen - Husum/Borgund (5km; 2hrs; +/- 290m)
A morning transfer will take you to Rimskjold. Here you join the Sverrestigen trail, which is one of the most remarkable hiking trails in Raundalen. It starts close to a deep, narrow gorge that shapes an impressive entrance to the valley. This path was chosen by King Sverre of Norway to elude waiting farmers prepared for attack. Proceed further to the well-preserved Borgund stave church, built in 1180 and dedicated to Apostle Andrew. It is one of the most distinctive landmarks in the region, and the best preserved stave churches in Norway. Here you can find an exhibition and we recommend visiting it. Once finished, continue walking until Vindhellavegen - the most spectacular part of the King's Road (Kongevegen). Here, mesmerizing switchbacks lead the road back and forth down the steep hill to Husum, where you stay overnight. This particular stretch of the hiking trail is an excellent depiction of what types of roads were possible to build before dynamite was readily available.
Day 5. Husum/Borgund - Øygardsvegen - Seltunåsen/Gladane - Husum/Borgund (14km; 4,30-5hrs; +/-300m)
You start walking on Øygardsvegen - the stretch between the Galdane and Vindhellavegen. Parts of it are built on foundation walls and meanders across cliffs and knolls. It leads past old bridges, farms, coaching inns, and burial sites from the Iron Age all the way to Seltunåsen. The round-trip Galdane – Seltunåsen features two different roads: Kongevegen from the 1790s, and its replacement, Bergenske Hovedvej, from the 1840s. Along the way you will also see magnificent waterfalls, old crofts, places wrapped in legend, German fortifications, and – last but not least – the renowned Lærdalselvi river. Eventually you will arrive back to your accommodation in Husum, where this self-guided hiking tour ends with one last overnight stay.
Day 6. Departure to Oslo by bus (or Bergen by bus and/or speed boat)
It is also possible to proceed for Bergen instead of Oslo: 1) By bus:extra fee of 30 Euros/person applies; please advise at the time of booking (the bus arrives in Bergen at around 18:00 (or later on Sundays); 2) By speedboat from Flåm along scenic fjords (take the bus for Bergen as per above and get off in Flåm; Once in Flåm you will have appr. 25min to get to the pier and catch the speedboat, which travels appr. 5,30hrs and reaches Bergen around 21:00 (several stops on the way). If you wish to book this ride, this should be advised at the time of booking and will cost 195 Euros per person (snacks and drinks can be purchased on board, but not real dinner).


1225 Euro per person in twin/dbl room (first/last arrival dates: 21.06.2024 / 20.08.2024)
Single room & Solo Traveler supplement
Single room supplement: 495 Euro
Solo traveler supplement: 630 Euro (incl. also sgl. room supplement)
Daily arrivals between the end of June and the end of August. The trails are narrow, often rocky, and sometimes you may need to cross rivers and streams. For orientation, you will receive a physical map from us and a detailed tour description (and GPS tracks to ease navigation). It is important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and local temperatures! For a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend wearing warm, waterproof clothing, sturdy mountain hiking boots that provide ankle support, and bringing sunscreen and sunglasses in case of sunny weather. It is not recommended to wear trail runners, everyday shoes, or sneakers. The easy to moderate tour difficulty makes it good for people without previous hiking experience, and even kids.
For the duration of the tour you stay overnight in two main places: Filefjellstuene (Day 1-3) and Husum Hotel (Day 4-6). Both offer private en-suite rooms. Filefjellstuene: once a traditional mountain farm, now a modern mountain lodge with comfortable cabins (en-suite) and a great restaurant in the main building. Husum Hotel: cozy rooms and delicious cuisine is what you will find here.
Breakfast is included everywhere with 2/3-course dinner, or full buffet with a 3 course option. Lunchpacks are prepared by yourself during breakfast buffet to bring with you on your hikes. Sometimes this may be prepared by the accommodation itself. Coffee, tea, warm water or other hot beverage is usually available to fill your thermos bottle as well. Drinks during dinner are normally not included in the price. On Day 1 only dinner is included, while on Day 6 - only breakfast.

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